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Good Eats: Summit Grill & Skybar PTA

Once every month we go out and eat. I would say it’s my favourite time of the month, but well I eat every day…multiple times a day. This event however is special. It’s a gathering of friends to celebrate a new month. We gather to celebrate receiving new money into our accounts. Mostly, it’s to try and enjoy that new money before adult problems come and eat away at it. Take me back to my care-free youth.

dinner pic

Venue: Summit Grill & Skybar, Moreletapark, Pretoria;  Date: 25th August, 2017; Operating hours: 07h00 to 02h00

This month’s destination was The Summit restaurant in Parkview mall, Tshwane. Finding the venue was not too difficult, if you live near the east of Tshwane. It sits on the top floor of the mall and features two dining levels as well as a faux intermediate level. I refer to it as such, because it seems to only fit about two separate tables or one long table. The wood finishing and the hanging lights add a nice ambience to the restaurant, giving it a modern feel, with the leather booths and chairs warming the room; while also bringing texture to the levels. The venue also has a wide deck area that allows the dinners to dine ‘al fresco’.

dinner pic 2

Summit Grill & Skybar (source: http://www.summitgrill.co.za/565-2)

It boasts a wide menu; from meats to treats. The menu also includes pastas and pizzas, as well as a wine list and cocktail menu. I decided to combine my ‘meats and treats’ and ordered a chocolate covered steak. The meal was surprising, as I expected not to enjoy it. Then why order it you may ask- I ordered it because it was something different- and because I like chocolate and I like meat.

As you initially bite into the steak, you are at once hit with a sweet chocolate taste, that fades and gives way to the savoury, full texture of the steak. A few people tried my steak and there were mixed reactions. It was a polarising meal. The only negative comment that I would have for the steak, is that once it cooled down a bit, the flavours changed and the chocolate became overwhelming.

From the few other dishes that I tried around the table, the stuffed chicken breast was probably a favourite due to the chicken retaining its moisture and the bacon not overwhelming the meal. The pasta dishes come in last, as they were bland and lacked flavour. In terms of the drinks, the consensus was that they were a little on the weak side. The dessert menu was limited, but the offerings such as the Malva pudding and the deep fried ‘Bar one’ spring roll; were well received.

Around 9pm the upper level morphs from a relaxed dining experience into a seated night club. The lights are dimmed and a DJ is brought in to get the party started. The Summit seems to host a different DJ every day. They also host events during the weekend, from afternoon chill sessions to Saturday night clubbing. The Summit was an entertaining experience that I wouldn’t mind repeating.

A word to the wise though, if you want to hold a conversation after 9pm, it’s best to sit downstairs…

Food: 3.5/5

Dinks: 3.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

By Dora Clark

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