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Feature: If You Like It, Put A (Ear)Ring On It

Sometimes we encounter people whose personal style comes with a staple look or accessory that seemingly can’t be separated from their identity, be it scarves, rings, a striking lipstick or a classic cat eyeliner. For Roshantha, it’s her majestic earrings that define her personal style. Roshantha, commonly known as the girl with the eclectic earrings around the office, has a pair of earrings for 365 days of the year (literally –no jokes) and that’s what makes her this week’s inaugural fashion feature.

The 1st of September at the office is always accompanied by fun dress-up events in celebration of the blooming flowers and warmer weather. This year, Rosha dazzled the office in her elegant pistachio green sari, which is on trend with Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017. To finish off the look, she accessorized with embroidered jhumkas, the name for this style of earring.



Rosha is always on the lookout for new additions to her collection and currently has her eyes on a set of hand painted Ndebele-inspired earrings and of course more jhumkas– because a girl can never have enough earrings. She usually finds new earrings from online makers such as Shrishti Collections. Aside from her mom’s closet, she also finds a wide selection of saris from Leela in Oriental Plaza or Hanifas in Laudium.

One feature is simply not enough to showcase her elaborate collection, so over the coming weeks, we’ll explore more of her faves as we get to know her better through her earrings.


A collaboration by Genevieve Ramsamy and Naledi Mahlase


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