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Good Eats: SALT Pretoria

Restaurant Week 2017 took place from 19 October to 5 November, opening up an assortment of high end restaurants to try out a set menu. Our options for the week were Carbon Bistro, Prosopa and SALT.

Salt Pic1My initial thought when I saw SALT’s menu was “Do I really want to spend a Friday night eating a cheese and meats platter?” So, I quickly changed my restaurant choice, but majority voted for it so there we were. Tucked away in Hazelwood amongst other little restaurants the sign stands out bright: SALT. The atmosphere had me sold at first sight. Dim lighting, warm and cosy for the cold night it was outside it created the perfect space for date night but alas, single is life.

Maybe it was the Restaurant Week menu but the drinks menu was sparse, everything made from gin. So, as one would do in a gin-infested menu, I had the Gin Tang, a mixture of gin, tonic, grapefruit and mint leaves.

The first one was delicious so I went for a second one… it didn’t taste the same. Nonetheless we moved on to the starters. I ordered the Crispy Squid Steamed Bun Slider, only problem is you bite into it and the crumb and shrimp separate leaving a rubbery blob in your mouth – not the best. Some had the Cured and Smoked Duck Breast Tataki which I wish I had ordered. It’s a thinly sliced piece of heaven that pulls on your taste buds. Almost everyone at the table abandoned their starter to have a taste. I’d definitely go back for it.

For the main I had the Bouillabaisse, a “fishy stew” whose full name escapes me on a Salt Pic4regular day: a nice mix of mussels, fish, shrimp and a lot of onions (a mint was very much necessary afterwards –  the ultimate bae-repellent). The bread that accompanied it was so fresh I can still taste it.

I heard someone rave about their pulled pork but I was too engrossed in my dish so I never had a chance to taste it.

Then the part I had been waiting for all night, dessert! Dark Chocolate Marquise, Chai Spiced Ice Cream and Mandarin. The combination was simply perfect. I also had a taste of the Lemon and Passion Fruit Tart with Toasted Meringue. Apart from the overwhelming lemon it was a delicious treat.

All this for just R250.00 (excluding drinks). I’d rate the whole experience a 7/10. It’s the perfect atmosphere for date night so if you want to escape the noise I suggest you make your booking.

Ambiance: 4/5

Food: 4./5

Drinks: 3.5/5

Price: approx. R300/couple

Salt (located at 11 Hazelwood Rd, Hazelwood, Tshwane) is open from 07h00 to 22h00 Tuesday to Saturday, and from 08h00 to 16h00 on Sunday, closed on Mondays.

 by Nhlamulo Ritshuri


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