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Good Eats: MOZAMBIK Pretoria

I wanted to pick a restaurant with a bit of a different feel so off I went googling “beach restaurants” in PRETORIA, lol. There was Mozambik with lovely pictures of prawns and shrimp reminding me of the time I visited Mozambique with some friends and all we feasted on was sea fresh fish and prawns day and night. The mood was a bit disappointing as nothing pointed to the beach or gave off a fresh breeze that takes you back to the Mozambican sunsets by the shore. The worst was a wobbly table that had me grabbing my drink every time out of fear of having it land on me. We soon ordered starters and I picked the Prawn Bilene, six prawns served out of shell and cooked in a creamy cheddar and feta sauce.

Too delicious, had me almost finishing my bread and leaving no room for the main meal. I tasted someone’s hot chicken livers and shrimp and couldn’t keep my hands off it. Although the spice hits the back of your throat on first bite it was the first chicken livers I’ve had at a restaurant and actually enjoyed.

Moving on to the main meal and in the spirit of not wanting to overpower myself with prawns I ordered the quarter chicken and shrimp combo.

pic 3

Calamari and Chicken Combo

I don’t know why I picked hot flavour after tasting the chicken livers and almost dying but there I was. Everything was well done and the flavour was just right – I’ll definitely be making my way there to have some more.

Someone nearby had the prawn and calamari combo with rice and vegetables which apparently tasted even better as a leftover the next day. They also felt that nothing gave it that extra flair that differentiated it from something that you could get from the regular sea food franchises.

pic 4

Calamari and Prawn Combo

I was baffled by the presence of steak on the menu but hey someone ordered it and I had zero interest in tasting it.

Overall the company made up for the night and a hand to the DINER’S CLUB for showing up strong to support my cravings.

Ambiance: 2/5

Food: 3/5

Drinks: No rating as all we had was beer and wine

Service: 3/5 (Waitress broke our hearts by accusing us of being short on the bill. There we were recalculating like mad mathematicians only to find out she hadn’t actually checked our tally)

By Nhlamulo Ritshuri

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