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GOOD EATS: Roll One (Don’t Smoke One) – Sushi-Making Class

Every time I think sushi I just think how delicious it is….then the price creeps up and I forget all that deliciousness. It always had me thinking that it must be made in heaven cause it looks so complex and impossible…until now. This month we tried something different and had sushi-making instructor, Shine, come to one of the Diner’s Club member’s house to teach us how to make sushi. What an interesting experience, as I had great expectations, and I must say I hit that ball out of the park. I was ready to retire as an engineer and make sushi professionally for the rest of my life. Yet there were quite a few who failed at this task to my surprise…. no humble bragging here!

The night started off with us making some California sushi rolls, made inside-out with salmon and avocado. Some people made them with crab, avocado and tempura, all topped with mayo.

The evening ended with us making some salmon roses, by which time a lot of the group had already eaten and wined-up so much that they were no longer interested – but not me. The activities really brought out the competitive spirit in me, which I’ve been hiding so successfully from the Club (i.e. you’ll never see me play 30 Seconds). I’m ready to take it up a notch as I might have found my ultimate hobby, as expensive as it is.

Charge per person: R250 pp for 2 rolls (8 pieces each) and 2 pieces of salmon roses

Rating: 4/5

by Nhlamulo Ritshuri

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