Food for your soul, food for your thoughts. Everywhere I Book is a one-stop leisure spot where you can browse through an assorted menu of restaurant and book reviews. In a nutshell,  we reserve books and book dinner reservations.  Our writers share dining experiences at a few of Pretoria’s cookery treasures and complementary bite-sized takeaways from your soon-to-be, favorite books. Our shared literature and cuisine experiences will leave you satisfied or hungry for more. Either way, if you can’t get enough there are always feature lifestyle pieces to nibble on until the next read or feed.

Meet the Team…

Nozipho Gwaza

Nozipho Gwaza (nickname Nozi) is a shapeshifting dreamer who never shies away from a challenge. The lady who grew up in Durban prays to travel the worlds she’s visited a thousand times in her mind. In the meantime, she keeps herself occupied by sharing her love for her family and friends over inspiring conversations, cuddles and a good bottle of wine. Nozi is convinced that both reading and writing are a spiritually therapeutic commitment we journey to our own salvation. From her writing you can expect the unexpected and a few random asides that she will insist are relevant to whatever else you expected. If Nozi’s life were a book the title would be: More than what meets the mind”

Nhlamulo Ritshuri

Nhlamulo Ritshuri is a 20-something (closer to 30 *hint hint*) budding structural engineer who loves reading, anything jazzy and the outdoors. Born and raised in a small town called Giyani in Limpopo. She defines herself as an extroverted introvert who sometimes finds herself breaking it down on a nightclub dancefloor and then going for a 10 km run the next morning. She has often been told that she has a wicked sense of humour…in her words… so do expect some of that when reading her pieces. If Nhlamulo’s life were a book the title would be: “I hope you dance” … As Anne Frank once said, “Live with the objective of being happy”

Theodora Clark

Dora Clark is a fun loving introvert with extrovert tendencies. Don’t let those tendencies fool you though, she can recluse with the best of them. She enjoys reading and eating. There is a constant battle waging internally, as to how she can do more of each, without losing sleep and gaining weight. She enjoys writing and series watching. Her dream is to get rich so she can do all the above all the time . The qoute she lives by is “everything can be turned into a joke or a song”. If Dora’s life were a book the title would be: Untitled – a work in progress and other short stories”

 Naledi MahlaseNaledi Mahlase is a cheerful and curious 20-something year old from Limpopo; the province that feeds the nation with luscious avocados and mangoes. The pleasures of life that bring her joy include listening to music and podcasts, reading, snug hugs from friends and the love of baskets full of puppies and kittens. Fun fact: Naledi’s love-hate relationship with her sweet tooth steers her to go on adventures trying to find delightful dessert spots wherever she finds herself. If Naledi’s life were a book the title would be: Hmm, not sure but the book would be a collection of stories from all the “Me’s” that exist in the parallel universes.

nothando_khumalo_LThumbNothando Khumalo is a lover of good food, paired with a good book…perhaps a bit of wine there and there. It is truly hard to sum up what one is about, but to put it briefly – in relation to this blog – she loves planning…fun gatherings to be specific. Occasions that bring people together for a merry time. She was born and raised in Swaziland and takes great pride in her nationality. While she hates anything fried, you can bribe her to do just about anything with an offering of chicken licken wings. Fun, but weird, fact she loves stale nik naks…don’t judge, we all have our weird things. If Nothando’s life were a book the title would be: Hmm…not sure, perhaps, ‘To Be Continue…’ 

Genevieve RamsamyGenevieve Ramsamy’s signature traits include but are not limited to: 8 hour sleeper (now if only beauty sleep were a real thing), serial series watcher (Netflix is life yo – nothing like good series at the end of a long day), compulsive popcorn eater (addictions are real- judgement is not welcome here. Although she convinces herself it’s an healthy addiction,  well kind of), and sometimes-runner (a good run rids the frustrations of the day). Born and bred in Durban, now trying to find her feet in Pretoria, wondering where life will take her next. If Genevieve’s life were a book the title would be: “I’m just a girl… standing in front of an open fridge”

Lastly…YOU. Welcome to our journey……